This is how you rent a WaterRower

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U can rent a WaterRower for only 9,95 (incl. VAT) per week!
The rental program allows you to execise with a WaterRower, in the comfortable surroundings of your own home, against a small investment.
The benefits of the rental program are obvious:

1. Low investment.
2. Fully flexible without a long term commitment (minimum of 3 months).
3. Machine can be bought with an attractive discount (after 3 months).
4. All machines are in very good condition and perfectly maintained.
5. Delivery and returning the machine is arranged by us.
6. Professional help available for accomplishing your training goal.

This is how the Rentalprogram works:

The Rent is € 9.95 per week. The following models* are available for the program:
Model         Price per week

Natural Oak         € 9,95
Natural         € 9,95
Club         € 9,95
* In case you want to buy the WaterRower after the rental period but you wish to buy
   a different model then the one you rent we will exchange free of charge.
The monthly rental fee will be collected by a direct debit of your account.
Please note! For Belgium and Luxembourg there is an higher deposit; € 250,00
You can sign up for the rental program with the application form. Upon receipt of the form, we will check immediately the availability of the desired machine. Only fully completed applications can be processed. We will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail or phone.
After the first direct debit we will contact you to make an appointment for delivery. The start-up costs are minimal, only a deposit of € 100,00 (€ 250,00 for BE and LUX) and the rental fee for the 1st month have to be paid at the start. When the WaterRower will be returned the deposit will be refunded automatically (with deduction of the returning fee). We do not charge delivery costs.
With the Rental program of WaterRower you are fully flexible and not bound to a
contract for an extended period of time. The minimum duration is only 3 months and the notice period is 7 days. Returning the WaterRower will be handled by us. We will charge a fee for this (€ 49.00). These costs will be deducted from the previously paid deposit.
Please note! The WaterRower can only be returned in its original packaging! You should keep this packaging as long as you rent the WaterRower.
If you like rowing with the WaterRower at home then of course you can continue to use our rental program. However, you can also decide to buy the WaterRower. Depending on the age of the machine (at start of the rental period) and the total rental period you can receive up to 80% discount (see explanation Rent and Buying ).
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