Home Fitness - Perfect training at home

Are you a homefitness type? The benefits of training at home
It is our goal to make it possible for you to exercise in a comfortable way at any time of the day, in your own environment. Your training will be performed on equipment of the  highest quality which is at the same time very cost efficient (seeBenefits)
waterrower homefitness home
For this we also have developed the WaterRowerRentalprogram for example.
Starting at Euro 9,95 per week the rental program offers you the possibility to exercise with our equipment in your own environment. The minimum rental period is 3 months. During this period you can try the device at your own pace. Afterwards, you can choose to send it back, rent it for a longer period or buy it at a discounted price-just as you like!
Many athletes and families have already chosen our rental program and are very excited.